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Views to Amuse is a photo quiz from around New England. New photos will be featured bi-monthly. Did you enter the current Views to Amuse quiz?

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Looking across Tuckermans from Lions Head
44.264, -71.2915
March 1, 2010 Views to Amuse
Winner: Tim Kennedy
March 1, 2010 Views to Amuse
Looking across Tuckermans from Lions Head

Top 10 Guesses:
10Tim Kennedy
30.1Tim Kennedytop of LionHead looking toward Boott Spur
40.1Ed Hawes
50.1BRIAN LUTCHKOlion head trail, mt. washington - looking into the tuckermans ravine bowl ?
70.2Michael T Williams
80.7Paul GoundreyLooks like maybe from the top of Mt Washington looking south w/Boot Spur in clouds
91.5Leonarda wild guess!
101.6Steve Zimmer
A tie in distance, goes to whomever guessed first.
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