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Carter Notch Pond, looking towards Wildcat "A"
44.261, -71.194
December 1, 2011 Views to Amuse
Winner: Lefty E
Notes:Carter Lake(s)

December 1, 2011 Views to Amuse
Carter Notch Pond, looking towards Wildcat "A"

Top 10 Guesses:
10Lefty ECarter Lake(s)
20D NorlandCarter Notch Trail and the AT Trail at Carter Lake view of Widcat Mtn.
30SWORDFISHCarter Lake and view of Wildcat Mt.
40SouthernmanCarter Lake at the (AT) view near of Widcat Mtn.
50Steve Zimmer
60MikeLThe upper (larger) Carter Lake in a freak July storm?????
70John G
80Ted GrzesikCarter Notch has one of the best views "from below" of all the White Mountains. The first time I entered it, I was awestruck.
90Michael HanesJust a guess.
100Craig Maggio
A tie in distance, goes to whomever guessed first.
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