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View from Sawyer Pond Shelter
44.0498, -71.38
January 1, 2011 Views to Amuse
Winner: vertigeaux
Notes:Sawyer Pond Hut

January 1, 2011 Views to Amuse
View from Sawyer Pond Shelter

Top 10 Guesses:
10vertigeauxSawyer Pond Hut
20SWORDFISHSawyer Pond Shelter located on the edge of Sawyer Pond.
30Lefty EShelter at Sawyer Pond
40Ben Kelleysawyer pond
50.1Ddavid Roy
60.1Lefty ESawyer Pond Shelter
717.1Matt BowserAMC Hut Lonesome Lake.
817.1MattLonsome Lake?
917.2Brad Woodley
1018.5Andrew Gallant
A tie in distance, goes to whomever guessed first.
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