Leadership Resources

Thank you for volunteering for leading activities for the AMC NH Chapter.

Here you will find information and forms to facilitate access to liability forms, incident report, scheduling activities, leadership training, participation by minors, expense forms, Chapter business cards AMC volunteer resources and other information to help you lead successful activities.

Liability Release Agreement

The AMC requires all activity participants to sign the AMC Volunteer Release Agreement. The leader is responsible for having each participant sign the release prior to participating in the activity. Here is the AMC Volunteer Release Agreement(pdf) which you should print out before the trip.

Incident Report

If there is an incident involving someone being hurt or an outside agency (police, fire, etc.) then please reference the AMC volunteer resourses below to determine if the submittal of an AMC Incident Report(pdf) should be filed.

Trip Scheduling

The AMC has a central Activity Database for managing trips, getting them approved, and published. Many committees issue login accounts to their leaders. If your committee chair has assigned you a login account for the Activity Database, you may log in here to enter your trips. Otherwise contact your Committee Chair to add a trip or get an Activity Database account. Once your trip is entered, it will need to be approved before the trip is listed on the web site.

Leaders: To enter new trips or volunteer positions into the AMC activity database
Login Here

Activities are published in the AMC Outdoors Magazine, the website, and the website. Some committees also publish the activities on their websites as well as on their email notices or other networking and/or social media systems. The deadlines for having your trip listed in the Outdoors Magazine is generally the 15th of the month two months before the magazine's nominal issue date. See Word Count Limits and Submission Deadlines for AMC Outdoors for more information. Here is the original notice about the change in the Outoors Magazine publishing schedule in 2009.

Leadership Training

Each of the NH Chapter activity committees has a leadership training program along with a set of requirements to become a leader. The committee chairs can tell you about the training programs and leadership requirements. They are very happy to help you through the process and welcome your inquiries.

The NH Chapter's leadership requirements fall under the overall AMC Leadership Requirements & Guidelines(pdf) but add specific chapter and activity requirements for each activity committee.

Participation by Minors

It is at a leader's discretion to determine if they want to allow a minor to attend an activity they are leading. Further, leaders may opt to allow a minor to attend an activity in the absence of their legal guardian assuming that another “responsible adult” is willing to accompany and supervise them while in the field.

Regardless of the minor’s parent attendance or lack thereof, the parent or legal guardian must sign AMC’s Acknowledgement of Risks, Assumption of Risks, and Release Agreement for AMC Volunteer-Led Activities prior to their participation in any volunteer activity.

Medical Treatment Authorization Form Option - If an non-parent/guardian is going to be responsible for a minor, the leader may request that the parent signs a Medical Treatment Authorization Form(pdf). This form grants temporary authority to a designated adult to provide and arrange for medical care for a minor in the event of an emergency, where the minor is not accompanied by either parents or legal guardians, and it may not be feasible or practical to contact them. This form should be given or shown to the trip leader and then carried by the designated adult.

If the parent/guardian is not attending the event, the form[s] must be signed by the parent guardian prior to the event and copies presented to the activity leader.

Note: This temporary process will be revised in the near future as this issue is under review by the OLDC.

NH Chapter Activity Finance Report Form

The AMC NH Chapter has adopted a policy that most activities requiring a fee for participation be reported to the AMC NH Chapter Treasurer, and may require completion of the NH Chapter Activity Finance Reporting Form.
Here is the approved policy, or as (pdf)

You may download a blank Finance Report as a word format document(doc) or as a spreadsheet(xls).

Briefly, if all money (fees and expenses) are handled by the Chapter Treasurer or Activity Committee Treasurer, no form is required (since the Treasurer handles this and is audited.)  The form is primarily required if the trip leader(s) are balancing the expenses and income themselves without the aid of the appropriate Treasurer, and the total is more than $100.  See the policy for full details.

NH Chapter Business Card

Ever want to just hand someone the chapter business card when you meet them on the trail, river, or elsewhere?

Here are the AMC-NH Chapter business cards which you can print out to hand out to people. You can print them on Avery 5371 (2" x 3.5") business card stock (or plain 8.5x11 paper) and put them in your wallet. If you need a large number, contact your committee chair or the membership chair.

This file includes instructions for printing and two optional back sides.
  One backside includes a list of activities we do.
  The other backside is a template for customizing with your personal name, activity, and email:
AMC-NH Chapter Business Card (.doc).

This is a single sided version:
AMC-NH Chapter Business Cards (.pdf). (10/page for 8.5x11 or Avery 5371)

The AMC has a specific page on the website with additional information and resources for volunteers:
AMC Volunteer Resources

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