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Gallery & Guide to NH Wildflowers

Wildflowers bring a real joy to the heart, especially when we get to know them. Often they are symbols of many of our emotions ... friendship, love, remembrance, joy, fun. Wildflowers are one of the few places in our natural environment that give us vivid colors to enjoy. On the trail, then give us an opportunity to rest and enjoy. Alas, they are only here with us for a very short time each year. They sag and fade only to bring forth new seeds ... a renewal for the following year.

We hope that by knowing these flowers, you'll help preserve them.

Come meet these flowers and enjoy their beauty. Get to know them so that you know what to look for, where they are, and when they bloom. Learn how they survive and how they polinate.

Here you will learn about these plants and their adaptations to the environment. We hope that by being able to identify these plants, you will appreciate their fragile condition and help to protect them. They have prospered and adapted over the eons, however they cannot stand the pressure of a single boot. Enjoy, but help preserve them.

Gallery and Guide to NH Wildflowers
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We welcome help in building this Gallery and Guide for the enjoyment of all. Please help us by sending pictures with an eye to their beauty or their identification to Click to reveal eMail. If you don't know what it is, we'll try to help you identify it.

Currently this is only a picture gallery, but eventually we'll add search by keys to help in identification of the plant.

If you find any errors, please email Click to reveal eMail.

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