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New Hampshire Trail Crew

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One Day — That's all we ask

People are getting the message when they pass volunteer trail crews who are working on the trail or read it in AMC Outdoors and other publications. If you're using trails for recreation (hiking, biking, skiing, whatever) you should also contribute to their maintenance. Where do you recreate? Who maintains those trails? If you don't know, ask.

We do everything from digging in the dirt, clipping branches and painting blazes, to moving rocks, building steps, changing and building trails. Every project is different and has work for folks with all abilities and experiences (including none). We teach you everything you need to know — and why. Come join us to learn how and why the trails in the northeast are some of the best maintained in the country, and to meet and be the people responsible for them.

Just one day a year is all that's necessary if everyone pitches in. But don't be surprised that you find trail work as fun, creative, interesting and compelling as the rest of us who return time and time again. The work is lots of fun — if it weren't, none of us would do it!

Wanna be a trailwork leader? Do you love trailwork so much that you want to do more? Can't find the date, place or project you want? Become an AMC NH trailwork leader! Email us for more information

Thank you for volunteering!
NHTC Awards Logo What will you earn. The NH Chapter thanks you for your efforts on the trail by offering these NH Trail Crew items:
  • A bandana for 1-1/2 days
    (only one Cardigan weekend!)
  • A short sleeve T-shirt for 3 days
  • A long sleeve T-shirt for 5 days
The AMC thanks you by offering:
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Sep/Oct Outdoors deadline: Jul 15
Sep/Oct Mt.Passages deadline: Aug 1

What's New:
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7/3: Trash Patrol Paddle
7/1: July-Aug Mt. Passages
6/10: Everest Base Camp Trek
6/9: Women's Trailwork Mt. Klem
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