Intro to Backcountry Series 2017-2018 Crosscountry

Track 2: Cross Country Touring

What is cross country touring? Cross country touring refers to backcountry skiing in rolling terrain. The trails are not groomed and can vary in steepness, width, and number of obstacles (trees, rocks, stream crossings). This means that the trails can be almost as easy as going out on the golf course or that they can be more like hitting the bunny hill at your local ski resort armed only with cross country skis! Think of cross country touring as the next step into the wilderness off the groomed trails at XC facilities, a great way to get away from the crowds!

What gear do I need? Cross country skis with scales (or wax) and partial or full metal edges. Skis may be shaped or straight. Bindings and boots with Nordic/backcountry bindings (single, thick bar at the toe like NNN BC or one of the other proprietary options), or a three-pin (for a duck bill boot) connection, leaving the heel free. For steeper tours, skins may be needed (not required unless specifically listed in the trip info).

What ski experience should I have? Some experience at groomed cross country ski facilities is helpful, for more advanced trips, some downmountain ski resort experience (green circle, blue square) may also be helpful. But really, a sense of adventure is all that’s really needed for the intro trips!

How do I get started? The intro to cross country touring track consists of multiple individual trips. Each trip is a self-contained one-day event, so no need to sign up for the entire series, pick and choose the classes that you are interested in and that will benefit you the most. If you are interested in the entire series, kudos to you! You can also spread it over multiple ski seasons. The series is intended to gradually build your skiing skills from easy tours that will allow you test out your equipment, learn basic technique, and get used to being in the backcountry through to longer tours with steeper hills and more obstacles. Sign up for each trip individually through the trip leader.


AMC Ski Trip

Intro - test out the equipment, learn basic ski technique, get used to being on ungroomed trails

New Hampshire Winter School - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED register for Ski touring 101 (intro) or intermediate backcountry ski touring

Weeknight Intro to Backcountry, Scales (5 weeks)

Weds Starting 17 Jan, Lebanon, NH

Valerio Viti

Stoddard Hill

01/28/18, Stoddard, NH

Emilie Phillips

Intermediate - try out steeper terrain, build endurance

Kancamagus Brook to Livermore Rd

03 Feb, Tripoli Rd, Waterville Valley

Steeper ascent, longer trail

Jillian Willard

Connie’s Way

12 Feb, Pinkham Notch

Al Grimstad

Smarts Brook

14 Jan, Waterville Valley

Joel Sadler

Greely Pond

11 Feb, Waterville Valley

Sean Mulligan

Advanced -

Bolton Trapp Traverse

01/28/18, Bolton VT

Joel Sadler

Avalanche Brook

03/18/18, Pinkham Notch

Alfred Grimstad

Cedar Brook

02/04/18, Lincoln NH

Joel Sadler

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