Paddling Leaders

"I am Paddle-to-the-Sea. Please put me back in the water."
            Holling Clancy Holling, Paddle to the Sea


Yes, we are at our happiest on the water and we'd love to have you join us in our wonderful sport.

We paddle from the tiniest mountain creeks to the wide oceans,
 ... from the nothern arctic barrens to the tropics,
  ... from the quiet ponds to the raging rapids

Come paddle with us and we'll open your eyes to the water world of adventure and camaraderie.

We'd love to have you come paddling with us and welcome you to the group.


Here are a few of our paddling leaders ...

Allan Berggren
Took first AMC WW Course paddling solo whitewater canoe in 1994, then went over to the dark side of microcreeks and Downtown Sugar River in Claremont. Has only paddled 25% of his 75 years. Teaches roll class at Goodwin Community Center in Claremont, NH Chainsaws strainers from Redwater Brook in Claremont Biggest adventure: Big Branch of Otter Creek in western VT. Comment of paddler when emerged from Agers Falls on the Moose River in NYS and came up on 4th roll attempt: "I see why you wear a face mask, shoulder, elbow and knee pads and gloves." (Lost Lens Rapid, Contoocook River, November 2003)
Bill Burke
Primarily paddles open canoes but has been sighted in a kayak occasionally. Enjoys challenging technical rivers and teaching swiftwater rescue skills. Off the river works as a Firefighter/EMT and as a professional mariner. Likes to see the "I get it!" grin on new paddlers faces. (Wonalancet River, 2009)
Denise Hurt
Denise got hooked on paddling back around 1995 when she hopped into a little Keowee rec boat on Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks. She has now paddled year-round during every month of the year, with her new goal being never to miss a month on the water again. Her preference for flat water makes it easy for her to indulge another of her loves, photography. If anyone expresses even the slightest interest in paddling she's willing to load on an extra boat and take them to a local pond or river to try it out! (Ipswich River by Dan St. Pierre)
Jerry Smith
AMC Member since 1990. NH AMC Sea Kayak Trip Leader since 2005. Registered Maine Sea Kayak Guide, ACA Certified Coastal Kayak Trip Leader, Former PSIA Alpine Ski Instructor, Former Bicycle Trip Leader. Loves to teach people to roll. (Casco Bay en route to Eagle Island)
Julie Smith
Enjoys going down the river rather than park and play. Organizes an annual cleanup on the Souhegan River. Loves introducing new paddlers to the joys of whitewater with her great smile. As a hiker, she is working on the Catskill 3500' Mountains after completing the New England & NY 4000'ers as well as the New England 100 highest. (Seboomook section of the Penobscot River at 500cfs, August 2010)
Tom Sawyer
AMC Whitewater Paddling Leader for 10 years. Paddles Class IV Whitewater as well as long distance expeditions in the South, Northeast and Canada, recently doing the Northern Forest Canoe trail from Old Forge, NY, to Swanton, VT. Loves teaching new paddlers. (Cabin Gorge, Swift River, NH)

We hope you enjoyed meeting us in virtual space ...
 Now come and meet us in the real world ...
  And bring your paddle (or we'll loan you one.)


"In the canoe, the Indian smiled. Once he paused in a stroke, and rested his blade.
For that instant he looked like his own Paddle. There was a song in his heart.
It crept to his lips, but only the water and the wind could hear.

You, Little Traveler! You made the journey, the Long Journey.
  You now know the things I have yet to know.
You, Little Traveler! You were given a name, a true name in my fatherís lodge.
Good Medicine, Little Traveler! You are truly a Paddle Person, a Paddle-to-the-Sea!"

Holling Clancy Holling, Paddle to the Sea

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