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Jerry Smith

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I turned to recreational kayaking 13 years ago after blowing out my knees peak bagging, running and biking. After a few years paddling around the backwaters and bogs of New Hampshire and Maine, I dipped my rec boat in the ocean and discovered it wasn't appropriate for sea kayaking so I moved up to a 13 foot Pachinea and launched the most fascinating decade of my life discovering what the seacoast has to offer.

A little after moving up to the Pachinea I found that the AMC was still there for me offering white water paddling lessons and introducing me to the NH AMC Paddlers where I participated in paddling classes and learned to roll. Then I found out that not only did my roll work in the river but it worked in my sea kayak on the ocean. Since then I have been an active member of the AMC Paddlers and I have simultaneously upgraded my paddling skills by joining the American Canoe/Kayak Association (ACA) to obtain coastal sea kayak trip leading certification and then one step further by obtaining a Maine Guide Sea Kayaking license. I know I still have a lot to learn about this fascinating sport and I like to give back what I have already learned to the AMC by offering to teach folks that started out like me the skills I have achieved.

The things that appeal to me most about sea kayaking versus other outdoor sports is the peace and serenity of paddling to a remote island, setting up camp, and just getting back to nature for a few days leaving all the stress of city life behind. Smelling the salt air and seeing the seals, eagles and ospreys, even just the common gulls, while in route seems to open up a channel in me that cleanses my mind and possibly my soul. And it's a lot easier to bring all the camping essentials when you don't have to load them on your back.

My next ambition is to go back to Alaska where I lived before moving to New Hampshire to paddle with the whales. I'll get there someday..

If you have never tried sea kayaking I encourage you to rent a boat and join one of the lower level trips/classes offered by the AMC or contact me personally and I'll give you some pointers on how to start.

Casco Bay en route to Eagle Island


Whaleback Rock Light
June 18, 2012

Fort Constitutrion Light
New Castle, NH
May 1, 2011

Fort Gorges
Casco Bay, Portland, Maine
May 22, 2011

Fort Stark, Newcastle Island
June 17, 2012

Gun Placements at Fort Constitution
Newcastle Island
June 18, 2012

Isle of Shoals
Paddle Fog Reaction
August 9, 2008

Kayak Camping Pre-launch
Put in on Cousins Island, ME
May 28, 2012

Sea Navigation Tools
AMC-NH Kayak Navigation Training
May 8, 2011

Navigation at Fort Gorges
Hog Island Ledge in Casco Bay, Maine
May 22, 2011

On the way to Whaleback Light
Kittery, Maine
June 18, 2012

Pier on Newcastle Island
May 1, 2011

Racing the Isles of Shoals Ferry
May 1, 2011

Stone People on Old Toms Rock
May 28, 2012

Sunset on Little Chebeague Island
August 8, 2012

Tower One WWII Fort on Jewel Island
May 28, 2012


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