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Mountaineering Training

The Mountaineering Group Runs introductory and advanced courses each year in rock climbing and glacier travel.

These courses are taught by the volunteer leader/instructors of AMC-NH Chapter Mountaineering Group. To ensure your safety, the Group has developed as set of requirements and criteria for each climber to pass before being designated a leader or instructor.

The Mountaineering Courses are divided into several groups:

Glacier Travel

Introduction to Glacier Travel Workshop: is a one day course that covers the glacial environment, travel using ropes, and self-arrest skills.
Course outline and equipment requirements.

Glacer Travel & Crevasse Rescue School: is a two day course that covers the use of crampons, roping in, use of the ice ax, roped travel, knots, rope management, and crevasse rescue.
School outline and required equipment List.

Rock Climbing

Introduction to Rock Climbing: is a two day course covering the basics of rock climbing for those that have not climbed before. Course description.

Advanced Top-Rope Site Management: is a two-day workshop for experienced climbing leaders. Course description.

Ice Climbing

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