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Mountaineering Getting Started - FAQ

We are basically a group of folks that enjoy technical climbing and mountaineering and we welcome anyone interested in this type of outdoor activity.

How do I register for a Mountaineering activity?

As with all AMC NH trips, registration is through the activity leader.  If you have specific questions about the activity, the leader will be most happy to answer them for you.

Are there any age restrictions on your activities?

Mountaineering activities follow the AMC NH guidelines, typically 18 years or older.  At the leaders discretion teens may come on some climbing trips if with a parent.

Are there any introductory trips?

Absolutely!  We have beginning rock climbing trips and our classes are generally open to anyone.

What seasons to you take your trips?

We have activities in every season!

Can I come on one of your trips if I've been trained elsewhere?

Absolutely!  However, since training/experience will vary, it is the leaders discretion to assess participant readiness.  Most of our trips require that that you have climbing/belay experience.

How long are your trips?

Most trips are single day, with overnight trips gaining in popularity.  Some of the instructional programs are multi-day.  Review the individual programs for details.

How do I get training to come on your trips?

Mountaineering offers a variety of instructional programs which prepare you for the trips we lead.  Similar training is also available from private guiding services and commercial providers.  Most of our trips require that that you have climbing/belay experience.

What equipment do I need / Do you loan or rent equipment?

Equipment requirements vary with the activity.  For beginner climbs and most instructional activities, Mountaineering provides the technical equipment.  Otherwise, for rock climbs participants must have their own climbing harness, belay device, helmet, and rock shoes.  For ice climbs you must have your own crampons and ice tools as well.  We provide ropes and gear to build climbing anchors. 

Do you teach ice climbing?

In the future, we plan to offer a class for experienced ice climbers on lead ice climbing.

Do you travel on glaciers?

Many of us have!  Though we have no glaciers in New England, we offer training which simulates the glacier travel experience and prepares you for such trips.

Does the Mountaineering Group do rescues?

Rescue work is not a primary activity of the Mountaineering Group.

Do you lead trips to Denali?

Mountaineering does not currently lead trips to Denali, though some of our members have climbed there!

Will I meet people who have climbed Everest, Fuji, Kilimanjaro?

Our members have climbed all over the world, so you never know what experiences will be shared at one of our activities!

What about a liability waiver.

All participants in AMC-NH Mountaineering Committee activities are required to sign the AMC Waiver form provided by the leader.
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