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Tom Sintros

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I have been hiking since 1960's. I learned to rock climb from AMC Joy St. classes in 70's. I gave up climbing for about 25 years but hiked regularly. Started ice and rock again with my son around 2005. I have taught orienteering for over thirty years. I love ice climbing now and lead hikes with an informal group in Southwestern NH with about 100 listed members. I have been a science teacher for 40 yrs. I lve in Alstead with wife Amy. We have two sons, Michael and Nicholas, a variety of equines and two dogs. I have also worked on "rope courses" for schools and other groups for many years. My wife, Amy, and I completed the Presidential Range Hike in 2005.

Me and Aretha
Alstead, NH, December 2009


Allen Mine Ice Climb

Lake of the Clouds
with my Wife, Amy

Getting dressed as Rudolph
My nose is bright, but it is white
Alstead, NH, December 2009

Grub Time for my hiking croo
Old Fire Warden's Cabin
Black Mountain, NH

My Wife Amy with the Croo
Alstead, NH
September 20, 2009

Front Porch
Zealand Falls Hut


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