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Mountaineering Documents

This is a repository for Mountaineering Group Documents, Procedures, and Policies.

Leader and Instructor Requirements

This document describes the process to become a Mountaineering Leader or Instructor

MC-LeadershipProcessGuidelines-rev20140409 (pdf) (doc)

This document lists the requirements for being a Mountaineering Leader or Instructor

MC-LeaderInstructor-Requirments-rev201203 (pdf) (doc)

This document describes the criteria used to determine being an Active Mountaineering Leader

MC-ActiveLeaderCriteria-rev20140917 (pdf) (doc)

Reimbursement Policy

This document decribes the policy under which leaders are reimbursed for portions of their training to maintain and enhance their skills.

Mountaineering Reimbursement Policy (pdf) (doc)

Leader Evaluation Form

This document is used to evaluate the leader candidate during their leadership mentoring.

Leader Evaluation Form (xls) (pdf)

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