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New Hampshire Awaits Your Next Adventure

Hello New Members,

We welcome you to the New Hampshire Chapter of the Appalachian Mountain Club, the club's second largest chapter, with over 12,000 members.

Hike, paddle, bike, climb, ski, and make new friends

Because you have a choice of where you want your membership to count, we are pleased you joined the fast growing NH Chapter. We hope you find what you are looking for in our offerings from Excursions (hikes), Mountaineering, Ski, Paddling, Biking, Young Members, Family Outings and workshops in all activities.

You support the AMC's conservation and education efforts, and you also want to experience and enjoy New Hampshire's bountiful beauty of our White Mountains, lakes and rivers. To encourage and assist you to that end, our activities committees lead numerous hiking (Excursions), paddling, mountaineering, skiing, trails maintenance, Young Members, Family, and education events every month. From the activities committee pages you can meet some of our leaders in their element. Our Programs and Hospitality committees also run some social events, such as our periodic dinner meetings at locations around New Hampshire.

Experienced leaders ready when you are

Becoming involved is one of the keys to maximizing your membership. So: you can enjoy reading about what we're doing in 'Mountain Passages' and on this website, but we hope you will sign up, and come play with us outdoors. Scan the 'Activities' and 'This Weekend' sections for what's going on for the next outing that interests you most. Leaders of these activities are knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers who will happily answer your questions about our chapter and explain how you can most benefit from your membership.
  • Get outside with us and have some fun!
  • Take part in a workshop or social event!
  • Learn more about specific activities!
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