Staying Found Workshop

Teaching Children and Families How to be Safe in the Woods

Staying Found Workshop

For Families!

Saturday, March 22, 2014 in Auburn, NH

This FREE workshop is a two hour educational program on how to avoid becoming lost and what to do if they are lost.
It includes a presentation by K-9 Search & Rescue.
The presentations are appropriate for ages approximately 4-12, but all are invited and will enjoy the program.

Search Dog Uniform

See a Search Dog Demonstration!

Learn Basic Survival Skills!

She Found Us!

For more information or to help organize the next workshop please contact:
Wanda Rice
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For more information about trail safety visit and

Children need to know how to be safe in the woods and parents need to be sure that every outing is appropriate for the child's ability and interest level, while respecting the abilities and limitations of each person. These educational workshops began following the tragic death of a boy lost in the woods in Lincoln, NH in the fall of 2003.

The main focus for children is to teach them how to stay safe in a situation where they are separated from the group or find themselves lost off the trail. When that happens, there are several things that children can be taught to keep them out of danger and improve their chances of reuniting with their party. Bring your kids and learn the basics of staying found in this free workshop! This program is designed for 4-12 yr olds but all are welcome. There is no cost and there are no materials required. Bring a picnic lunch. A short hike or two will be offered in the afternoon.

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