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Excursions - Over 55 Group

The Excursions Committee's Over-55 Group subcommittee runs trips that appeal to those of all ages who want trips at a more leisurely pace! Trips are conducted every month of the year, and include hikes for those of varying levels of ability, from level trails to mountain summits. Our winter trips include cross country tours as well as snowshoe hikes. We will give participants a chance to learn about the locations of NH trails and we will describe these trails along the way. Other subjects discussed include available maps and guidebooks, use of map and compass, and, for winter trips, the special demands that cold weather imposes. We try to have two new member group hikes each month. You needn't be over 55 to join in. Many of those attending are young, some who try our group as an introduction to the chapter's more strenuous trips.

Get Involved!

We welcome you to the group. Come out and join us. We've got nothing to prove but having a good time.

David Ross
Over 55 Group Co-Chair
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