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Welcome to my gallery. I started hiking in Winter and just kept going. I prefer to lead slower paced hikes. As you can see here, I enjoy taking pictures and thought you might enjoy seeing some of them. I hope you'll come hiking with me as I like to make new friends and enjoy seeing new hikers enthusiam. Bring your camera!

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Mt. Moosilauke, New Years Day, 2012


Lonesome Lake, St. Patrick's Day, 2010
Itís fun to cross Lonesome Lake to the Lonesome Lake Hut to hike the Kinsmans...

Mt Field, January 5, 2011
Feeding a Canada Jay on Mt. Field
— no, no, — some say, but hard to resist.

Mt Hancock South Peak, December 29, 2010
Sometimes brook crossings are dangerous...

Mt. Jackson, December 30, 2009
...two different worlds ...

Mt. Jackson, December 30, 2009
...little room for error in this landscape...

Mt Jefferson, January 14, 2010
The Wedesneday Group on a Thursday
... climbing above the cloud ceiling

Mt. Jefferson, January 14, 2010
The Wedesneday Group on a Thursday
There is our goal, Mt. Jefferson

Mt. Jefferson, January 14, 2010
The Wedesneday Group on a Thursday
Trail signs show the way,
...even in winter ice and snow!

Mt Moosilauke, March 9, 2011
Leaving Moosilauke is always bitter sweet - it is an unforgiving summit.

Between Mt. Pierce and Mt. Eisenhower, March 20,2011
Who slept here?

Mt. Piper-Whiteface, New Years Day, 2010
An over-cast day and pleasant.
Clearly all in good spirits

Mt. Shaw, January, 2010

Mt. Wambek, January 20, 2011
Sometimes it feels like you are the only one in nature...

South Kinsman, January 8, 2011
Looking back on South Kinsman summit to North Kinsman

Mr. Handock South, December 29, 2010
...time to be off the trail, as the sun goes down.
Bye for now.


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