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Winter Hiking Series (Training)

Nearing The Summit
Winter Hiking Series
Nearing the Summit
of Mt. Lafayette
Annual Winter Hiking Series (Training)
Winter Hiking Training for Experienced 3-Season Hikers
Oct. 31, 2015 & Weekends Through Dec. 19, 2015
Pinkham Notch & the White Mountains
2015 schedule
Opening weekend 10/31 – 11/1
Flume 11/14
Mooselauke 11/21
Eisenhower & Pierce 12/5
Lincoln & Lafayette 12/19

This course and series of training hikes always finishes to rave reviews and great friendships. It is taught by enthusiastic and knowledgeable hikers and leaders whose main goal is to have you thoroughly enjoy the winter wonderland of the high peaks while being safe and comfortable.

You simply can't find a better group of instructors ... and they all volunteer their time for the love of the sport. Along the way you'll pick up hundreds of tips and techniques garnered from thousands of hikes in New Hampshire and around the world.

This course is one of those life-changing opportunities. It provides you the training and experience to successfully and safely hike in Winter.

Winter Hiking Series Details

Designed for EXPERIENCED 3 Season hikers wishing to extend their hiking into the winter months.

We’ll teach you the basics of safe winter travel and give you informed choices for winter gear.

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from the 2007 WHS.
Topics include body heat management, footwear (boots, crampons, & snowshoes), energy management, nutrition, winter apparel, group dynamics, and other topics.

This program includes lectures on hike gear, equipment, energy management, emergency prepareness, group safety, weather, and winter conditions. Starting in the mid-Fall, before you need full winter gear, it shows you what to buy and why with discussions of the advantages of various types of equipment. It is not necessary to buy specialized winter gear before the start of the sessions ... other than MicroSpikes which are mandatory for the start of the series.

The first Saturday session is lectures and discussions as we get to know each other and show you the necessary equipment for later in the course. Sunday we will have our first hike, rain, snow, or shine.

Click here to see a video
of the 2011 WHS
(a "no snow" year)
The first weekend is based at Pinkham Notch where lodging and food is available. It will be much more convenient if you arrange to stay at Pinkham for the first weekend. We have special reservations set up, but you must apply early to get them. We will send you the reservation information once we have quickly evaluated your application.

For information call or preferably email:
Bob Humphrey
603-456-3708 (7-9 PM Only)
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Larry Yetter
603-554-8284 (7-9 PM only, missed calls will not be returned, please call again)
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More details on the WHS and schedule are here:
Winter Hiking Series Details

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