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One Day Class 3 Leader Training

Nov. 11 2017 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Training for those interested in becoming leaders for hikes and walks at lower elevations in three seasons. This session will allow you to become a class 3 leader for NH chapter. Exercises in group dynamics, trip planning and logistics, Participant screening, communication, handling difficult behaviors, and how to post your trip for approval. Outdoor practice in leading. This training is a good introduction to leading hikes and has been of interest to those who are thinking of becoming trip leaders for the first time.

Up to 7 Participants will work in a small group with two instructors to understand the methods for planning and leading trips to smaller mountains or natural areas and the sea shore. The group members will use different learning techniques to try out and understand the many roles of leader and how to apply these two outings. Come prepared to spend the day outdoors learning by doing.
Bring your pack for a fall day hike, hiking cloths, boots and a trail lunch.
Morning snacks, maps and instructional materials will be provided.
Training in Warner NH
Instructors Rick Silverberg And Bob Humphery $ 35 for members $40 for non members
Register at
Call 603 2255921 with questions between 7-10pm
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