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Winter and Spring Workshops

If you are a new hiker or an old mountain goat, check out our hiking workshops we hold at Cardigan Lodge. We have classes for all levels taught by our volunteer Trip Leaders. These people have been there, done that, and got a heck of a lot more than a t-shirt for their efforts. They came back with knowledge and experience. Let them share it with you and have a good time doing it. The food is darn good too! One of best places to get started is at our NH Chapter Annual Winter and Spring Workshops.

The Excursions Committee conducts two winter workshops and one spring workshop for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced hiker. These training sessions are geared for mountain safety; we instruct participants in equipment, logistics and trip planning, nutrition, map and compass, off-trail navigation, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, accident-scene management, group dynamics, and weather and the mountain environment. This is also where we train new trip leaders for the chapter. These courses are held at the AMC's Cardigan Lodge in Alexandria, NH. The lodge holds approximately 60 adults. The workshops start on Friday night and end on Sunday afternoon. The cost includes two nights, lodging, two breakfasts, and one dinner. We have our own volunteer cooks, so you won't go hungry! These workshops fill up fast, so apply as soon as you see our announcement in the chapter newsletter and web site, or the "AMC Outdoors magazine". You won't regret it!

2016 Winter School Jan 29-31 and/or Feb 26-28
(First Session) and/or
(Second Session)
Instruction in safe Winter mountain travel for experienced 3-season hikers
Cardigan Lodge, Alexandria, NH

Annual Excursions Spring School - Hiking, Leadership
Instruction in safe mountain travel for hikers of all levels
April 29-31, 2016
Cardigan Lodge, Alexandria, NH

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