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Conservation Group

What is Conservation?

A careful preservation and protection of something; especially planned management of a natural resource to prevent exploitation, destruction or neglect. - Webster's Dictionary

Mission Statement

To provide opportunities for AMC members to become more informed about the environment and work for the health of our natural resources.


  • Enhance knowledge and enjoyment of the natural environment.
  • Stay informed about the issues facing the natural environment today.
  • Advocate for the environment through a variety of activities.


  • Outdoor experiential and informative activities for youth and adults.
  • Hikes with naturalists.
  • All activities are free of charge, unless otherwise noted on the schedule
  • All activities are open to the general public

How Do I Get Involved in Conservation?

  • Attend the activities!
  • Bring ideas to planning meetings!
  • Get involved in your local conservation efforts by calling your town or city hall and ask when the Conservation Commission meets.
  • Get involved in "Conservation Action Network" (CAN).

    CAN Email: Click to reveal eMail
  • AMC Conservation Resources Protecting the Northeast Outdoors
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