The Benefit is Yours

As part of the New Hampshire Chapter of the AMC, we all benefit greatly from the efforts of our volunteers who enjoy sharing with us all. As outdoor enthusiasts we enjoy sharing our knowledge as well as meeting other people. All we want out of it is for you to enjoy the outdoors and become aware of our environment, and perhaps become as passionate as we are about our biking, climbing, hiking, paddling, or simply enjoying the outdoors. Actually, we all get much more out of it than we put in. We build lasting friendships, get to go on great adventures, and we learn from each other. And of course we get great satisfaction. Come out and enjoy the outdoors with us. See what fun the leaders are having, but also notice all the other volunteering that goes on, from running programs, to publishing the newsletter, to training, to contributing to the website and social media, to writing articles, publicizing conservation issues, restoring trails, ... and the list goes on.

Leaders and Instructors

Of course the front face of this all are the leaders and instructors. We've got some wonderful ones, just look at our introductions. Some of us have some pretty fantastic stories to tell. What do we all have in common? The desire to share our experience and knowledge so you have a great time outdoors, and make new friends. As you meet our leaders you see what fun it is. Come out with us often as you meet more of us and make new friends. We welcome you to join us, to learn the skills and have the joy and satisfaction of becomming a leader. What better way to get outdoors. As you come out to join us on our bikes, climbs, hikes, paddles, and trailwork, you'll learn the sport and what it takes to be come a leader. We invite you into the group. Like us, you'll find it is one of the enjoyable and rewarding things you have done.


As outdoors enthusiasts, we naturally become concerned about the environment and conserving those special places we enjoy. Whether it is pollution, development, exotic invasives, overuse, or climate change, our outdoor environment is the first to get effected. We naturally want to protect those places we love. With over 12,000 members we are in a position to do something about it. Our volunteers continue to be involved as such projects as river cleanups, trail buidling and rebuilding, protecting our waterways from exotic invasives, protecting areas from devleopment, teaching others about the environment, and much more. Through our Newsletters, education programs, websites, email lists, and committees, we make others aware of the issues and take action where we can. We invite you to look around you and help us raise the issues and awareness though advocacy, education, publications or organization of events, either as a contributor or a formal member of our committees. Of course, this is what you make of it and the satisfaction and reward is your own.


The NH Chapter is looking for some volunteer help in a few areas, enjoyable ways to help others connect with the outdoors, most requiring just a few hours now and then. Would you be interested in helping us plan or facilitate events? Do you have some experience with social media, and are willing to help us expand our use of Facebook or other electronic communication? Would you like to help us with our web site, or help maintain a trail, or get involved with conservation advocacy? Please contact Wayne Goertel at Click to reveal eMail for more information.

Young Members

The Young Members Group is here to maximize the AMC experience for 20 and 30-somethings. We are your connection to the outdoors and to others interested in the outdoors. The Young Members Group is always looking for people willing to host events and eventually become a leader. Along along the way you will meet a lot of great people.


The NH Chapter is lucky to have an active and friendly family group with fun activities through the year. Kids always seem to enjoy the outdoors when there are other kids around. We offer the chance for parent and child to meet other families.

Our most popular activities involve weekends at AMC huts & lodges. Often we utilize self service seasons to help keep costs down. On these weekends, we ask participants to help out in the kitchen. Working together helps build a special camaraderie. We strive to offer trips for many levels of ability. Of course it takes a bit of organizing to pull these off. When the the work is shared, it all becomes easier. We would love to offer more day hikes for families, but really need more leaders to help pull this off.

If you believe that your family will benefit from these activities, by all means join us. Come help us organize and lead these events. You and your kids will learn more about what it takes to be active outdoors while at the same time help others enjoy hiking and camping. By being an active organizer and volunteer, you are showing your family that there is more to life than TV, professional sports, or video games. They learn that there can be a sense of healthy adventure in a cooperative and social environment. By volunteering, you'll find that your family's reward is far greater than your effort. Contact our family group coordinator to learn more. Click to reveal eMail


Would you like to help us find some exciting speakers, arrange venue space, register participants or work at an event check-in table? Do you know of some presentations or programs you'd like share? Would you like to sit at the head table with those speakers? Would you like to get in free?

We are looking for volunteers to help us plan and host NH Chapter events. This can be as little as helping with a single event or as much as becoming Programs Co-Chair which includes serving on the NH Chapter Executive Committee. If you are an organized individual or would like to lend a welcoming smile to our events, please contact Lu Ann Laquerre at Click to reveal eMail You'll have fun and meet great people.

Membership Co-Chair

The Chapter has an open opportunity for an enterprising member to co-lead its Membership effort.

We're currently AMC's second largest chapter, due largely to the efforts of our activity leaders and webmaster in actively engaging new members. We want to solidify and expand that effort. We would like someone to spearhead it through more non-traditional outreach.

The Membership Committee encouraging new member participation in chapter activities. Membership represents the chapter and AMC in various forums, recognizes members' contributions to membership growth. Active members embody the chapter's spirit and are its long-term lifeblood.

This takes only a little time per month as you look to help the NH Chapter attract outdoor enthusiats to our actvitiies. Of course, as with any endeavor, you make what you want out of it ... and reap personal rewards accordingly. Here is a great chance to volunteer for the NH AMC.

This volunteer position will be a co-chair of the AMC NH Chapter Membership Committee and serve on the Executive Committee of the NH Chapter of AMC.

Get to know some of the most active outdoor enthusiasts in New Hampshire.

For more information, contact Wayne Goertel, Chapter Chair at Click to reveal eMail
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